Keko Automotive offers  3 years warranty on all KEKO products from the date of the purchase.


KEKO®  warranty provides coverage against defective materials, workmanship, or finishing. Under this warranty, Keko’s obligation is to repair or replace, at Keko’s election, any part or parts of the product that prove to be defective.

This warranty shall not apply to any product which has damage due to accidents, mishandling, misuse, incorrect cleaning, exceeding the respective weight capacity rating, improper installation or alterations that modify its original design and function, or had its serial number removed (available in the product and package). Interference of this product with other installed accessories or trailers is not covered under this warranty.


The warranty only covers the original owner of the product. Warranty does not transfer if the product is sold. Warranty registration must be on file, and/or proof of original purchase (detailed and dated receipt) is required for the warranty to be effective. Warranty coverage starts from the date of purchase.

Provided all warranty conditions are met, Keko will either repair or replace the product or component. Keko may require the original item to be returned postage prepaid for final determination. Keko reserves the right to substitute and offer the respective warranty discount on an entire replacement system or provide other remedies than those listed in this warranty for discontinued products or other reasons. If proved to be Keko’s liability, the part will be repaired or replaced without charge. The repair or replacement of the parts will not result in an extension of the warranty term provided.

All replacement parts ship direct from our warehouse facility, and the shipping method used is at Keko’s discretion. Expedited shipping is available, and the cost is to be covered by the original owner if he/she chooses expedited shipping of any parts.


For all KEKO® warranty claims, contact the dealer from which your purchase was made to evaluate the defect.

To start the warranty process, you will need to provide the following pieces of information to move forward with your claim properly. The information can be emailed to warranty@kekousa.com.

  • Name of product
  • Part number (SKU)
  • KEKO® serial number
  • Description of the concern and how you believe it occurred
  • Valid proof of purchase
  • Confirms the date of purchase for warranty coverage
  • Unfortunately, without a valid form of proof of purchase, the warranty is not valid.
  • Images of the damaged part or components.
  • It helps us determine the cause of the problem or damage
  • It helps us identify your specific product for repairs or replacement parts
  • Contact info
  • Contact name
  • Phone number

Once we receive proof of purchase and product image(s), we will email or call you within 24 hours to confirm your product issue is covered under our warranty policy. Once confirmed, the replacement part(s) will be sent to the dealer. If you choose to repair yourself, parts can be sent directly to you.


For cleaning, use only water, neutral soap, and sponge or flannel.

Periodically, use automotive wax to conserve the chrome-plated parts.

Never use chemicals or abrasive products to not scratch. It could expose the product to corrosion.

KEKO® products are merely decorative and do not guarantee the occupant’s safety or vehicle in case of a rollover or other vehicle accident.


Thank you for purchasing your KEKO® product. Please, provide this information to register your warranty.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.