GRX Pro Black Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover – Gladiator 2022



The GRX Pro Black Soft Roll-Up Cover is the first cover with lockers made in polymer with GRAPHENE added in your composition. GRAPHENE is a material 200 times more resistant than steel. It increases product durability, protects against friction and corrosion and allow a soft operation.

  • An exclusive stretch and canvas tension system, increase the durability of the product.
  • GRX Pro Black has an additional rubber sealing on front rail, avoiding water entrance inside truck bed. All sealing rubbers on GRX are detachable, make your work easier when you need to replace them for a new one.
  • Discreet in outlook, GRX Pro Black soft roll-up cover has all its components in black: canvas, clamps and rails.
  • Our ziplock system allow you to roll and unroll the canvas in a really easy way. Crossbars are attached on canvas and are collect together with the canvas when you roll or unroll it.
  • Single open system: allow you to open the cover with only one hand.
  • Detachable canvas
  • Easy Installation. 10 minutes to have all done!
  • GRX Pro Black Soft Roll-Up Cover is compatible with Keko Sport Bar for Maverick
  • Lockers made with graphene



The KEKO GRX Pro Black Soft Roll-Up Cover offers an easy installation that can be done in your own garage without needing any special tools. The product comes with easy to understand vehicle-specific installation instructions. Including all hardware necessary for installation.

Download Manual (PDF)