Keko understands that people are not mass-produced. They have their own style, preferences, and personality. This is Keko’s business: delivering authenticity and personality to customers through unique parts. Keko develops products with design, technology, and innovation, making vehicles an extension of their owners, reflecting their tastes, choices, ideas, and passions.

Keko’s running boards and sports bars are a part of its mix of products that meet the segment of trucks and SUVs. The company believes that cars are so much more than single parts. Cars need soul. That’s why each owner’s car becomes unique because Keko loves what is unique. This continually moves the brand and makes it a reference point in the worldwide automotive market: turning your car into your personality.

Since 1986, Keko is one of the main global players in the truck accessories industry, providing aftermarket accessories in 44 countries on five continents. Known for its high-quality products, excellent engineering, and innovation DNA, Keko has participated in OEM projects with major automakers worldwide.

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High productivity and strict quality control. Accuracy, flexibility, and versatility. Fast processes with all levels of security. Automatic and robotic lines. Such is the Keko factory plant.

Certifications and Awards

The quality culture is old in the organization, started in 1999 with the certify of Quality Management System ISO 9001. Keko is also certified in the world automotive standard with IATF 16949, an important credential for the supply to the automakers, and BIQS (Basic Quality System), a quality program developed by General Motors to train the supply chain. Internal departments work on continuous improvement, and Keko Production System (KPS) maintains a focus on lean production, developing the company’s culture of improvement. In 2013, the adoption of sustainable practices and a philosophy of respect for the environment culminated in ISO 14001 certification, which defines the requirements to operate an Environmental Management System aimed at sustainable growth.